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Statement Earrings with Blossom Box Jewelry

By | May 16, 2017

Hello again guys and gals!

The heat was real this weekend in Houston, you can probably tell by the nice tan I have going for this shoot. Honesty all it takes me is five minutes in the heat and Iv’e got tan lines to last me the rest of the summer! Before this shoot I decided to go on a brisk 20 mile bike ride and believe me- I was tired, sore, and most importantly very hangry during this shoot, so I’m quite shocked the pictures turned out so well. I might have a slight idea why though- when I opened the box of these ‘Jai’ earrings from my good friends at Blossom Box Jewelry I was instantly in love! These earrings have everything I love in a pair of statement earrings- larger than life, just the right amount of bling, and versatile enough to be worn with not only Indian attire but western clothing as well! The inspiration was not hard to find shorty after to create this awesome look to go along with these stunning statement earrings! I seriously love how you cannot miss spotting these earrings from even a far away shot, I cannot wait to wear them again and again!

For this look I wanted to play with the fun concept of a glamorous tropical vacation. I imagine wearing this look on a beautiful beach getaway and I hope that you ladies can imagine yourself in the same look for your next adventure and it gives you some good ideas/ inspiration.

Let me know if you would rock this look and these beautiful Jai earrings from Blossom Box in the comments below!

Here is where you can get this look:

Earrings: Blossom Box Jewelry 

Crop Top and culotte Pants: Zara 

Thanks again for reading this week <3