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Get the look: Stand-Out Summer dress

By | May 10, 2017

Hello spring! Or almost summer as we call it here in Texas. We pretty much have two season, hot and hotter. And for us ‘hot’ feels pretty damn nice. That’s why I wanted to enjoy this beautiful time of year with this stand out Tangerine wrap dress. When I first ordered it from Asos I was a bit nervous as to what I was getting into. I was honestly scared I would end up looking like a big orange, haha! To my delight, the cut of this dress is extremely flattering even though it is a looser shape. I highly recommend it for all body types.

If you all follow along on my Snapchat and Instagram stories (@stylexkavya) you will know that I wore this dress over the weekend to a close friend’s wedding. I could not be more happy for the beautiful couple and I was even more happy I chose to wear this dress! It was extremely easy to move around in and was such a stand out piece. I look forward to wearing this dress many times over this season. I stand by the statement that I have made many times over about dresses; if it is comfortable you bet I’ll wear it again and again. If it’s beautiful but not easy to wear I’ll end up wearing it much less, honestly only once after purchasing. This is why I always make sure I can move and feel like myself in a piece of clothing before I commit to it, no matter how cute it is! This rule has saved me a lot of money and excess clothing piling up in my closet over the years. It just has to be practical at the end of the day. This dress does just that, by being absolutely stunning and stand-out, as well as extremely easy to wear.

Before I wrap up talking about this dress ( ok, I’ll stop with the puns :P) I wanted to let you all know you can check out one of my favorite blogs here in Houston called ‘Weddings in Houston‘ for soon to be brides and grooms. There you can check out why I would wear this dress to my wedding rehearsal too! I told you my love for this dress is REAL. This awesome blog and company helps you put together your dream wedding. I was so honored to attend one of their recent events and I was absolutely blown away by how hard the team at ‘Weddings in Houston’ works to create the perfect wedding event from the best dress to the perfect catering and spectacular venue!

Of course I won’t leave you without letting you know where you can snag all the parts of my look:

Dress: Asos

Heels: Ippo Shop


Thanks again for tuning in this week!