Spring 2019 Inspiration -Discount codes included!

Hey everyone! Happy spring ūüôā

I wanted to compile a list of my favorite spring looks and give you a way to easily shop the looks too. Keep scrolling and I’ll provide link to the pieces below that helped me put together all these looks! Discount codes included!

Scroll to the bottom for link to purchsase these beautiful Fila Disruptor 2 shoes!
Use code ‘shsale059’ for 15% off these pants until April 14th!
Link to this exact sweater below!
Link to this exact sweater below!
Use code ‘shsale059’ for 15% off this crop top until April 14th!
Use code ‘shsale059’ for 15% off this exact same blouse until April 14th! Link for the top is below too.
Use code ‘shsale059’ for 15% off this set until April 14th!

Gift Guide 2018: Holiday Edition

Hello friends! As the holiday season slowly creeps up on us we all know what that means….of course loads of fun and memories created with the family but also the question of what gift to get for the ones you’re closest to. Why is it always so hard to get gifts for the closest people in¬† live ours? Is it because we feel pressure to outdo ourselves each year?! I know in my case I always want to get so many different items but simply cannot decide how to narrow down my choices!

Choosing a gift can be especially hard if you have a fashion lover on your hands! Case in point- me! I feel like every year I have given up on requesting gifts because it’s so hard to pinpoint my eclectic style. That’s why I have decided to put this fun gift guide for the ultimate fashion lover together. The fun pieces I have outlines below are versatile, unique, and bold – so you really can’t go wrong.

If you’re like me, casually send this gift guide to your friends and family and if you need to surprise that fashionista in your life then consider yourself lucky and keep reading!

(This gift guide is put together with the help of one of my favorite authentic luxury pre-owned stores, Store 5A.

1. Pre-Owned Dolce and Gabbana scarf

I know it’s a scarf….but who wants to wear it the normal way? This beautiful silk D&G¬† pre-owned scarf was made to be shown off. So naturally I wore it as a fun tube top. Pair with a blazer for a more professional look or take off for a flirty playful vibe.

Where can you get it? I picked up this beautiful vintage D&C preowned scarf from one of my favorite shops to purchase authentic luxury pieces- Store 5A.

Direct link to purchase this beauty at an amazingly discounted price:  Dolce and Gabbana me
model enjoying ice cream in dolce and gabbana scarf and chanel necklace


2. Pre- Owned Chanel Necklace (can double as a body chain)

Once again I’ve broken the rules with this stunning pre-owned Chanel necklace and also used it as a beautiful body chain. You cannot go wrong wearing it either way and this piece has got to be my favorite out of my entire gift guide! I love the vintage vibes this necklace drips with. I don’t think this necklace wouldn’t go with any outfit, and that’s the kind of problem you want to have. This piece is definitely an investment but I don’t see it going out of style anytime soon.

Direct link to purchase: Chanel two ways

Chanel necklace and Dolce & Gabbana scarf on model

Dolce & Gabbana scarf, Chanel body chain, and Gucci bag on model

3. Pre-Owned Gucci Crossbody

If you could see my closet, you’d quickly find out that Gucci is one of my favorite luxury brands and one that I reinvest in time and time again. From belts to shoes, and of course the staple Gucci bag. You can’t go wrong with a classic pre-owned Gucci crossbody for that fashionista in your life. It’s a gift she won’t forget and will keep for a lifetime.

Link to purchase exact bag: Coming soon!!

Gucci crossbody bag from Store 5A

4. Classic Geometric Earrings:

I’m usually one to not fuss with large earrings but when I see a piece like this I can’t pass it up. Classy, elegant, and with a beautiful color tone this gift will be one to wear time and time again. The best part is they don’t feel heavy but convey a sense of luxury and timelessness. Another plus: If you are sensitive to silver/non gold items this is perfect for you as they are crafted in 20K Yellow Gold, and you can keep these earrings for years without the fear of them tarnishing.

Direct link to purchase: 20K Gold Crafted Earrings

Gold 20K crafted circle earrings from Store 5A

5. A Ring to Remember

Last but not least- the perfect holiday gift guide for the fashionista in your life would not be complete without a beautiful and classic diamond ring. This stunning pre-owned diamond cluster ring is timeless. It’s one of those pieces you never take off and can be passed from generation to generation- always staying relevant and coordinating perfectly with any outfit. I especially love how it stands out so well but is a classic.

Direct link for purchase: Classic Ring

holiday gift cluster diamond ring from store 5A

That’s it for my holiday gift guide for the fashion lover in your life. What did you think about my roundup? Would you wear these pieces…and would you style them how I did? I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure and give me your thoughts in the comment section!


Uchi Houston

Looking for the perfect date night? Look no further than Uchi Houston- amazing service and even better food.

Keep reading to learn about what you get during the amazing 10 course Omakase for two! (The second to last dish was a bonus) The wine pairings are not pictures below.

Before our courses came out we were handed hot towels to clean our hands as it was suggested to eat many of the course with hands. The waiter explained each dish before letting us dig in which I love, it’s great learning about your food before you eat it! There was also at least 10 minutes between each course so you could really enjoy each dish, didn’t feel rushed and were able to enjoy the wine pairing that came with each dish.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer- happy reading and stick around for the end of the article to see if I would do it again!

Course 1: Misty Point Oysters with a champagne pairing (champagne not pictured). I’m not usually a fan of Oysters unless they are fried, but these were a refreshing change, I loved the carrot garnish, it gave it an even more fresh flavor.
Course 2: Hirame Usugukuri- This was a plating of fresh flounder, topped with crunchy onions and sweet lemon garnish. This was a great dish to freshen the platter and show off Uchi’s impeccable variety of only the freshest of sea food.
Course 3: Ishii dai which is beakfish (right 2 pieces) and Ike Hotate which are scallops (2 Left). I can’t tell you which was better, Iv’e never had scallops in sushi form and was shockingly surprised how melt in your mouth delicious there two were!
Course 4: Octopus with a potato and green tomato garnish. This Octopus was not chewy at all, and had a nice charred taste and smell to it. If you like Octopus this is a must try!
Course 5: Sakeviche – Uchi’s play on ceviche, and just as fresh and light. Salmon, tomato, lemon, and green onions made an amazing dish come together.
Course 6: This dish reminded me alot of Ramen and it was called Oakana Mushi. It had a thick consistency, fish meat and a coconut base which created a comforting feeling. We were told to stir the chilli paste around since it was very spicy and spread around the flavor.
Course 7: Two Kanpachi which are Yellowtail (2 on the left) and two Aji (2 on the right) which are horse mackerel. They both tasted about the same to me to be honest, I loved them both and if you like Yellow tail you’ll love the Aji as well as they both have a delicious fatty flavor.
Course 7: This was definitely one of the more traditional rolls, called the negitoro maki. This is the fresh and simple combination of tuna, chives and fresh seaweed (for the roll). Can’t go wrong with this one!
Course 8: This was one of the heaviest courses. Decadent short ribs underneath some deep fried rice cakes. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this one! I started to get full after this course.
Course 9: One of my absolute favorites of the night- Unagi (or eel). This dish was not chewy at all, topped with sweet eel sauce and had a deep and delicious flavor along with the salty touch from the seaweed.
Course 10: This was a bonus dish – compliments from Ichi. This was Foie Gras or duck liver. I had not had foie gras before this but it was absolutely delicious and went perfectly with the rice and seaweed.
Course 11: Time for dessert! Fried milk was the name and it was sweet, savory, and the perfect way to end the meal! The deep fried balls pictured were filled with custard and the chocolate, coconut, and vanilla ice cream were a perfect pairing to balance out the savory flavor.

Final verdict:

The final verdict after this elaborate meal and journey of courses was that an experience like this is something worth the price tag. Be warned this Omakase meal for two will run you around $400 after tip, but if you are a true foodie who not only loves a delicious meal but also the unforgettable experience food can take you on- you won’t regret this meal. Cheers to one of my absolute favorite dining experiences to date, I hope you have the pleasure of experiencing it as well.

Make your reservation at Uchi Houston.

If you decide to visit Uchi and loved (or hate) your experience leave your comments below. If you have any questions- ask away!

Houston’s Most Instagram Worthy Bar?!

There’s no doubt that Houston’s restaurant scene is one of the best in the Nation- no bias here as a proud Houstonian- *ahem*.

Either way the Houston restaurant scene has finally been picking up on the fact that Instagram worthy backdrops will bring the clientele through the doors in large numbers. The outdoor patio bar Present Company took it to a whole new level and created a entire bar with never ending beautiful wall papers, neons signs, vibrant decor, and over the top chandeliers to ensure every corner of the bar is picture perfect! To top it off their cocktails are just as over the top as their decor, repurposing ‘La Croix’ cans and topping it off with tiki cocktail umbrellas reminiscent of the 90’s.

After all this talk about how beautiful and vibrant Present Company is you know I have to share my experience with you! I went with a fellow Houston Blogger and close friend to check out the scene, grab some cocktails and of course takes some over to top photos….keep scrolling to see what we got up to!

  1. Pictured below: That’s me enjoying a La Croix cocktail and fun decor at Present Company!


2. Pictured below: The decor was by no means shy, vibrant colored couches were in abundance.


3. Pictured below: Fun chandeliers filled the downstairs patio and added an eclectic touch

4. Pictured below: The Neon signs were bold and creative!

5. Pictured below: The upstairs patio is lined with beautiful plants that are potted and placed along the walls.

6. Pictured below: Creative and fun La Croix Cocktails.


This post is not sponsored or affiliated with Present Company


October 2018 look book – Looks for Fall you’ll want to get your hands on!

Hey Ladies,

For the start of the fall season I thought I’d create a fun look book for you each month starting in October! If you’re itching to get a look at my highest recommended pieces to start out your fall season with an edgy flare keep reading…..BONUS: All these looks are now on sale! Hope you enjoy these looks, and if you love these recommendations don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to know when I post a new article!

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Pro-Optix Experience

Hey friends! I wanted to talk about my Pro-Optix experience I had just a few week ago here on the blog.

I recently had a much needed trip to the Optometrist here in Houston and I found out a lot more about my eyes than I thought…

It was supposed to be a normal routine with Dr. Sana Malik (she’s awesome btw) but after some exams we found out I actually had extreme eye allergies and very dry eyes! I’m really glad I went to see Dr. Malik because I usually wear contact for more than 12 hours a day and didn’t even notice the extreme dryness I was dealing with let alone the allergies. We went through various exams, the routine ones that have to do with eye pressure tests and depth of vision but one of the exams that impressed me the most was the machine that took pictures of the eyes in extreme detail without needing dilation. This key exam was part of the reason Dr. Malik was able to detect the allergies, and I am so grateful! After the exams I was fitted for new glasses (pictures below) and I absolutely love them! Dr. Malik hand picks all the frames at Pro-Optix and helps each customer choose frames that best fit their face shape. I’ve needed new glasses for a while and I’m so glad that Pro-Optix had a large selection of designer frames to choose from. After picking up medication for my eye allergies/ dryness the same day I came back to her office in about 5 days and the new glasses were ready. Thankfully the allergies seem to be improving but now I love my glasses so much I’ve been wearing them more than my contacts anyway and I plan on keeping it that way.

Lessons Learned:

After my visit to Pro-Optix I can definitely say that it’s very important to take preventative measures especially when it come to the eyes. If I hadn’t seen Dr. Malik my eyes could have easily gotten infected from the allergies and much worse. I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Malik at Pro-Optix and making sure your eyes are healthy and functioning (but also for some killer frames)!

Frames I choose (pictures): Oliver Peoples

Promo code: You can use my Promo Code “KAVYA15” when you visit Pro-Optix for $1500 off¬†lasik or 15% off products including glasses and sunglasses!

Pro-Optix website: http://www.prooptixeyecare.com/

Location: 5885 San Felipe Suite 550
Houston, TX 77057

Number: 713-360-7095



Dresses – Find your favorite for the Summer!

Hey ladies!

I am so excited that summer is now in full effect here in Houston! This means new dresses everyday!Why not with this crazy heat? It’s the perfect outfit to throw on without hassle, and look super cute effortlessly! I have way too many cute maxi dresses to wear and I’ve been saving this one to show you all. The floral print with the side slit is the perfect sexy and cute combination. Below I have highlighted some events that you can wear this wonderful maxi dress to, the possibilities are endless – but don’t let me limit you to these fun ideas!

Outfit event ideas:

  1. Date night – this dress is perfect for your next date, just the right amount of sex appeal while still being fun and flirty! Don’t forget to snag these same gladiator heels from Ippo Shop! I cannot get enough of these heels because they are not only extremely versatile for summer outfits, but they are just as comfortable – which is huge unexpected plus! I wear them with so many outfits that’s is even been a pleasant surprise for me too!
  2. Summer Vacation with the girls – What a better way to wear a fun summer maxi than with your girls on your next tropical vacation? There will be no lack of Instagram worthy shots and boomerangs while twirling around in this beautiful maxi!
  3. Summer Concert with friends- This dress definitely screams Coachella! Even though Coachella is long over, who says you can’t rock this beautiful floral dress on your next local concert. It is perfect for movement and will keep your cool in the summer heat without a doubt!

I hope I have given you some awesome summer outfit inspiration with this dress! Let me know in the comments below if you would wear this dress for the summer!


Shop the dress by simply clicking on the images below!




Statement Earrings with Blossom Box Jewelry

Hello again guys and gals!

The heat was real this weekend in Houston, you can probably tell by the nice tan I have going for this shoot. Honesty all it takes me is five minutes in the heat and Iv’e got tan lines to last me the rest of the summer! Before this shoot I decided to go on a brisk 20 mile bike ride and believe me- I was tired, sore, and most importantly very hangry during this shoot, so I’m quite shocked the pictures turned out so well. I might have a slight idea why though- when I opened the box of these ‘Jai’ earrings from my good friends at Blossom Box Jewelry I was instantly in love! These earrings have everything I love in a pair of statement earrings- larger than life, just the right amount of bling, and versatile enough to be worn with not only Indian attire but western clothing as well! The inspiration was not hard to find shorty after to create this awesome look to go along with these stunning statement earrings! I seriously love how you cannot miss spotting these earrings from even a far away shot, I cannot wait to wear them again and again!

For this look I wanted to play with the fun concept of a glamorous tropical vacation. I imagine wearing this look on a beautiful beach getaway and I hope that you ladies can imagine yourself in the same look for your next adventure and it gives you some good ideas/ inspiration.

Let me know if you would rock this look and these beautiful Jai earrings from Blossom Box in the comments below!

Here is where you can get this look:

Earrings: Blossom Box Jewelry 

Crop Top and culotte Pants: Zara 

Thanks again for reading this week <3



Get the look: Stand-Out Summer dress

Hello¬†spring! Or almost summer as we call it here in Texas. We pretty much have two season, hot and hotter. And for us ‘hot’ feels pretty damn nice. That’s why I wanted to enjoy this beautiful time of year with this stand out Tangerine wrap dress. When I first ordered it from Asos I was a bit nervous as to what I was getting into. I was honestly scared I would end up looking like a big orange, haha! To my delight, the cut of this dress is extremely flattering even though it is a looser shape. I highly recommend it for¬†all body types.

If you all follow along on my Snapchat and Instagram stories (@stylexkavya) you will know that I wore this dress over the¬†weekend to a close friend’s wedding. I could not be more happy for the beautiful couple and I was even more happy I chose to wear this dress! It was extremely easy to move around in and was such a stand out piece. I look forward to wearing this dress many times over this season. I stand by the statement that I have made many times over about dresses; if it is comfortable you bet I’ll wear it again and again. If it’s beautiful but not easy to wear I’ll end up wearing it much less, honestly only once after purchasing. This is why I always make sure I can move and feel like myself in a piece of clothing before I commit to it, no matter how cute it is! This rule has saved me a lot of money and excess clothing piling up in my closet over the years. It just has to be practical at the end of the day. This dress does just that, by being absolutely stunning and stand-out, as well as extremely easy to wear.

Before I wrap up talking about this dress ( ok, I’ll stop with the puns :P) I wanted to let you all know you can check out one of my favorite blogs here in Houston called ‘Weddings in Houston‘ for soon to be brides and grooms. There you can check out why I would wear this dress to my wedding rehearsal too! I told you my love for this dress is REAL. This awesome blog and company helps you put together your dream wedding. I was so honored to attend one of their recent events and I was absolutely blown away by how hard¬†the team at ‘Weddings in Houston’ works to create the perfect wedding event from the best dress to the perfect catering and spectacular venue!

Of course I won’t leave you without letting you know where you can snag all the parts of my look:

Dress: Asos

Heels: Ippo Shop


Thanks again for tuning in this week!



Starting all over again

Today I wanted to talk about something a little more serious. I really am enjoying opening up to you all as it as a form of therapy in writing and knowing I am not alone in my feelings. On my Instagram post from a few weeks ago I mentioned childhood insecurities turned into adulthood insecurities and how I overcome them by doing what I enjoy and letting my art be my outlet.

This week I really hesitated and even considered not posting more personal anecdotes. This story is especially painful and hard to even think about most days. I still get mad at myself thinking about how I let myself get into such a toxic relationship. How could I let that happen to me? Am I such a fool to be controlled by another person¬†in that way? Through the process of self reflection I learned that I cannot fault myself for how I was treated, but learn from the experience and never let it happen again. One of the only reasons I urged myself to share my story is so that other women and men can know that they deserve better for themselves, and if they are going through or have gone through the same situation that they can and should get out. I learned that just because someone tells you they love you does not mean they have your best intentions at heart. Sadly most people only look out for themselves and their interests. I want them to know that they are not stuck and they ARE in control of their own lives. I tell myself that I cannot dwell on the past but have to be so grateful that I was able to come to my senses and end the cycle. That’s what matters at the end of the day. Even though my story is not one of physical abuse it is one of psychological and verbal abuse which has been extremely hard to overcome. I used to be a shell of myself and I didn’t even realize it. I am so grateful to be able to breathe and live life on my own terms without constantly being put down. I rely on my loving friends, family, and personal passions on the days that I feel especially low and continue to commend myself on the fact that I escaped.

If you are going through any situation you feel you can’t overcome I urge you to tell someone close to you. I promise you’re not stuck and that you do have the strength to overcome it. My story is just one of many, I chose to give myself a better life and so can you. Also feel free to comment below if you have advise for others going through a situation like this or if you have gone through a similar situation. You can also email me personally if you don’t want to share it on this public forum.

With love,